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Watermans Allotments


The Watermans Allotments are situated to the south of the Town, to the west of the river and above the flood plains.


The Waterman's Allotments are in a more open site than Greencroft and are about a week in advance of that site.

There is a gentle downward slope west-east, the eastern edge being noticeably colder then the western side.

The soil is sandy loam overlaying orange coloured gravel and is very free draining.

There is a metered mains water supply with stand pipes along the central access road.


A central car park is provided and there is road access to the plots.

Sheds are not permitted on the plots themselves, but are allowed around the perimeter.


The 1929 Allotment Rules Book shows five allotment sites in Henley, two of these New Town and New Town Farm, were replaced in about 1958 by the current site.

Site Plan

Download a plan showing the layout of plots at Waterman

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