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The site is situated to the east of Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire on the Remenham side of the river.

It is sheltered by White Hill and the Henley to Maidenhead road embankment.

The soil is rich black river silt over patches of clay like silt, all overlaying gravel.

Water supply is by hand pump from the water table. Some parts of the site are prone to flooding by ponding; that is the ground water level rises causing clean water ponds.

It is also prone to frost due to its position on the east side of the north-south river valley.



There is a car parking area at the site entrance with road access to the plots.

Sheds are permitted on the perimeter of the site with tool boxes permitted on the central plots.



Visible in its present form by 1883 as shown on the 1st edition 6" Ordnance Survey map, they are believed to have become allotment gardens in 1853.


Site Plan

Download a plan showing the layout of plots at Greencroft


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