Committee Members

Association Officers and Management Team

The officers of the Association, elected at the Annual General Meeting, are:


Chairman          Vacant

Secretary            Sharon Oldham    WAT 05/64S

Treasurer            David Chilvers      WAT 08B

Committee members elected and the site they represent are:

Website Manager                     Mandy Taylor      GRE  11

Watermans Site Manager      Tony Robinson    WAT 15

Greencroft Site Manager        Mandy  Taylor      GRE  11

Watermans Reps                      Doug Richards     WAT 31/56B

Greencroft  Reps                      Pete Anderson      GRE 4

Henley-on-Thames Council representatives attending committee meetings are:

Dave Eggleton Cllr and Ian Reissmann Cllr

The Henley-on-Thames Council is responsible for ensuring that sufficient allotments are available to meet the needs of residents and lets plots to individual plot-holders. The part time liaison officer is Becky Walker who can be contacted by  email or telephone: 01491 630076.