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              Latest update March 25th 2020




The Town Clerk has advised the following as part of the Town Council's policy:-

The Council shall continue to permit the tending of allotments as a safe way of practising social distancing and taking exercise, unless otherwise advised.

So, in accordance with that, and with the Government’s advice this morning (from Michael Gove), the allotments are open, but please bear in mind the following simple rules:

1) Practice social distancing – both during travel to and from, and while on the plot. Maintain a distance of at least 2m (6ft) from others. This means NO communal tea breaks or other gatherings and respecting the boundaries of each plot. Please think seriously about your possible impact on others – the guidelines are about ensuring the NHS is not overwhelmed as much as protecting each of us.

2) Wash your hands often. Soap and water is best (it doesn’t have to be warm water) – running water if possible, or a bucket for soapy and a bucket for clean, and dry hands thoroughly. If soap and water is not available, hand sanitiser is OK as long as it is 60% alcohol. Wash hands with soap and water as soon as you can.

3) If you lock/unlock the gate, use anyone else’s tools, wheelbarrow, etc, wear gloves, or make sure you wash or sanitise your hands as soon as you can. Remember the virus can exist for differing lengths of time on various surfaces.

4) Anyone with symptoms, or who is sharing a house with someone with symptoms should not come to the plot at all. If you are self-isolating, please let your site manager know – Mandy and Tony will do their best to try to find helpers to provide assistance in keeping the weeds at bay.

The NASLG has and article on their website, updated today, with the latest advice and good practice -

which is reflected in our rules above.

If there is any change to the guidance or the lockdown rules, we will keep you informed by email. Information will also be added to our Facebook page - if you have a Facebook account but have not yet joined the Henley Allotment group, do so – just search for H.O.T Allotments.


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