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Allotment Planning

The following information is provided to assist new plot holders in planning your plot - what to grow, where to grow it and when to plant it.

Monthly Planting Notes

These guidance notes were prepared by experiernced Greencroft plot holder and committee member Peter Anderson.


For Pete's full year guide to what jobs to do each month, download Anderson's Almanac


For planting notes covering January to June, download Jan-June Notes


The RHS website provides lots of useful advice, including things to do this month and an annual vegetable planner

Crop Rotation

The RHS website also provides helpful guidance on crop rotation - click here to find out more.

Plot Plans

James Bellew, a plot holder at Watermans, uses an Excel spreadsheet to plan his plot layout and has kindly made examples of these available for the use of other members.


They do require some knowledge of Excel in order to be of any use, but if you have those skills, you might find them helpful.

The 5 files which can be downloaded by clicking on the links below, include an Example Allotment to show how this can be used and updated throughout the year, together with draft layouts for a Full and a Half Plot, either undivided or with paths.

Obviously there are no rules and these are just examples of how a plot could be set out, but the templates provide a starting point which can then be adjusted in line with the measurements and layout of your own plot.

Each file contains a Master Template - when the master is finished, it can be copied into the new Worksheets. Start by completing your plan for the current year and then repeat the process next year, and so on. You then have a simple method of planning and recording your progress over the years.

You can add as much detail as you like, dates, success, failures etc and you may find it useful to print off a copy and keep it with you when at the plot.


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